Sustainability Policy

It's never been more important to look after our planet. We are therefore committed to being kind to the environment and have made robust change across our products and practices over the last few years to ensure our impact to the planet is nurtral or positive. This sustainable policy is a core element of what Stationerie is and stands for both in business and at home. 


We are proud to have identified and used recycled products where ever possible to reduce the raw material use in all our products. We therefore would also ask our customers to similarly place our used products into recycling disposal methods avaliable to you. For our office setup, we utilise a balanced mixture of digital and paper solutions minimising wasted printing other than when needed. Obviously we still use paper planners and calendars because we feel these work best for our workflow. 


We at Stationerie have our identified product components that are not recyclable and selected materials that are none the less biodegradable and would not fill landfill for decades to come. 


When we think about sutstainability, we look at the ability for raw materials to remain avaliable as part of our business, but part of this is also looking for new materials and components that could be sourced more locally, see a less industrially intensive production or see reduced environmental impact over it's life cycle. 

Low carbon

The burning of hydrocarbons for energy can and shall be reduced. We at Stationerie regularly look at our supply chain to identify oportinities for efficentcies in our carbon footprint and are very proud of our sucess in this.

Environmentally Friendly

Toxic and harmful chemicals are found in abundance across numerous industries and can have devastating impact on the environment. We set a goal for Stationerie to investigate our product components origin and seek materials that have the best environmental footprint with either removing such toxins from their processes or else storing them for further uses or safe disposal. 

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We are happy to discuss these policy further with our customers to expand a shared understanding of what we all can do to help our planet. We are not experts, but recognise the need for individual people and companies to modify their daily operations to improve the world we live, with learning from others as a key part of that process.